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    Website help... upload pictures?

    Anyone be able to help me out?

    Im using DW8 and photoshop CS.

    I want to set up a site where people can upload pictures.

    Then I'll be looking to include a section where visitors can view the pictures and rate them.

    Any help appreicated!


    The SHAKES

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    You need to use php to do that. Also you need a server with a good amount of space. If you are doing this to make money or compete with other sites its going to be tough as there are many other well known sites that offer these same services, some have more.

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    Ok, so what web hosting would you recommend starting off?

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    start off with a small account and grow it with your website.

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    I have something similar on one of my forums and i run it on one of my dedicated servers. Depending on how much content you want, I would be happy to make you a sub account on one of my dedicated servers with however much space (free of course) and help you with anything you need to know about PHP forms for images and stuff.
    Alex if you need to email me.

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    You should try to look at to get started in PHP if you dont already know PHP/MySQL. Also look at the hosting plans that they have. They have some really good deals that should get you going pretty well and then you can get a dedicated server if you look to be getting alot of business.

    2 gigs might not seem like alot but if you make your site correctly and resize the images before they ever hit the server, or store them on the server/resize them/ and the delete the original then you should have plenty to get you going. The good thing about this plan is the bandwidth. If you want viewers to view them and rate them and expect alot of viewers then you will need alot of bandwidth and 100gigs should be good to start of.


    PS Also if you know nothing about PHP you should take a look at, I learned alot from this site, and I am sure that you can too.
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