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    would these programs help with creating a website?
    i know a little bit of html, but i wanted to make my site look profissional. i saw these prgrams on the apple site, so i was wondering what your opinions are on them...

    webobjects 5.2

    Freeway 4 Express by Softpress Systems

    Freeway 4 Express by Softpress Systems Pro



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    Webobjects is more about creating dynamic content. Alternatives would be a combination of PHP/MySQL, Perl etc.

    If I were you, I'd take a look at Rapid Weaver. I know PHP, HTML. XHTML etc. very well but Rapid Weaver has proven to be an essential tool to me with its excellent features, especially its clean XHTML code. Really worth looking into. And at $35 USD, it's a bargain!


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