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    Exclamation Dreamweaver Q's (Please Help)
    hey guys!

    thanks for dropping by.

    i have a few to ask.

    1. How do i create a database connection for my dreamweaver built-up web.. as there is no microsoft access in mac.. so i cant built any database...

    2. How do i host my web (offline)? In using IBM, i can make a mock hosting (server) in my pc by assigning 'inetpub' folder and the wwwroot thingie.. how do i do it in Mac environment?

    Please help.. cheers! :doctor: :doctor:

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    I just kinda figured out answer number two last night I think. Save your website to the "username/site" folder on your hard drive. Replace the "index.html" file that's already in there with your main page for your website (save it in that folder as "index.html"). Then go into System Preferences/Sharing, turn on websharing, and it should show you the address your site is located at on your local network. Type it in and you should be able to access your site from any computer on your local network.

    Also, go into your username/site folder, open up the index.html file that's already in there, and that sort of explains the same thing I just told ya.

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