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    fuison mac
    heres my site its still under slight development, help on wat needs to be added wuld be good

    Fusion Mac

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    Eventhough a lot of graphics are similar to most other mac websites I still think that its pretty good. Though I would improve the following:

    1) The logo text can be redone. Dont put all the words in shadows, create contrast by trying different variations: make the subtext darker without a shadow, or the other way around.

    2) I dont know if the logo is suppose to be a bit tilted and not straight. If thats the idea then keep it, if not put it straight.

    3) You can get rid of some scan line effects. The logo scan line effects can be replaced by a solid color (try variations of grey or any other color) in the bg. This will give you a bit of contrast between the logo and the content.

    4) For a site like yours, where a lot of information is visible straight away, maybe try to make the board navigation a bit more visible, if its important that is. And also the hover effect is white on a white bg, change that.

    Other from that I like the site, though on my 23" display its a bit too wide and hard to get info from, but I checked it on a smaller display and it looked fine.

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    ah i will take them in to consideration, im using a 21" and it seems fine but as its for mac users i will check it out after all no point having a mac user forum if the users cannot interact with it correctly!

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