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Thread: Security on iweb file

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    andy brown
    Security on iweb file
    When I open iweb, my various sites/pages are readily available and can be opened. Is it possible to password protect or restrict access to individual files/sites whilst iweb is open. Failing that could they be hidden from view in some way.

    Not trying to be devious but my son helps me on my home site but I also have a private site I'd rather he couldn't access.

    Regards Andy

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    set up seperate user account that only allows access to these files while logged into that user.
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    andy brown
    Gosh that was quick. Now steady tiger - need to grasp this slowly. Will take a look at seperate user accounts - can feel further questions coming on .....

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    andy brown
    First dumb question - where do i go to get some info about setting up user accounts.....?

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    go to system prefferences, then go to accounts. once in there there is a plus button in the lower left hand corner click on that and that will alow you to create a new account.
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