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    Hey guys,

    I have currently purchased a domain name and hosting space and am in the process of making my website ( and was thinking it might be cool to set up a mailing list where users can enter their e-mail, it somehow links to a database and i can send monthly news updates via e-mail.

    One small problem though....

    I havent got a clue as to how you do this! Im currently a dreamweaver newbie and am finding it hard to do things in it because im just "messing round" inside it for the moment, i have got some tutorials coming up as i asked one of my tutors if they would teach me some stuff in Dreamweaver and he kindly invited me along to a web design students session in which they cover Dreamweaver.

    But yeah... as for now any help would be greatly apprechiated as im walking against a brick wall at the moment lol...



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    Check with your web host first. You may have mailing list scripts already installed in your control panel that can be easily installed on your site.
    If not check the link below, some of the scripts at the link cost $ but some are free. They are also rated.

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