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    Web Hosts
    I have a few small websites for myself and other projects, but I certainly don't have enough use to actually pay for a host. I know many are really cheap, etc, I don't care about them. My .Mac is expiring in a month, and I'm not renewing.

    So...I begin my search for free web hosts. I remember a few years back, there were quite a few good one's out. But alas, I'm having trouble finding any anymore. My biggest concern is is a minimal issue. Also, any sites that offer the ability to upload folders, instead of doing it file by file would be much appreciated.

    In the past, I've mostly used geocities and angelfire. I liked geocities better of the two (it has more of a professional look).

    So, any suggestions of hosts would be appreciated!

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    Do you own your own domain name?

    If you do, I can help you out and we can arrange for some hosting for you.

    If you dont, I can still help you out, I can give you a sub-domain under my main domain ( example

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