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    iweb - ilife

    what does anyone think of ilife 06 especialy iweb (if thats what it is called) please post loadza comments could be interesting


    chris :mac: :p

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    There are tons of glitches in iMovie, iDVD, and iPhoto. (They just fixed them in the 10.4.5 update.) I think it was a premature release for iLife overall.

    iWeb kind of let me down with it's ability to customize the templates, but you can kind of "trick it" to do what you want. The pages are written in bloated code with frames, which is very slow to load. For some reason large text is converted to an image when uploaded. Here's my site created completely with iWeb. Digital Memories

    Over all I think it's a decent program, but not for *serious* web developers. The only reason I used it for my website is that I wanted something easy to update and change, and with GoLive on, it's not that easy.

    I think it's a decent purchase, but if you're content with iLife '05 and don't want to spend the $, you're not missing much. However, if you need a pretty simple website creation program, and not looking for a ton of customization, then iWeb might be right for you. :mac:
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    If I hadn't needed to get it for work purposes, I don't think I would bother to be honest...
    iWeb really that spectacular, and I agree that the whole package feels a bit rushed-> iMovie was unusable for me until the recent patch came out.

    I think primarily the work was done on making the apps universal binaries...

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    For the average user, iWeb is an incredible piece of software. Someone with no web design experience can wip up a good looking site in 30 minutes.

    At the same time, it's certainly no GoLive or Dreamweaver (not that it tries to be). It's just not customizable enough. I do look forward to seeing future releases of it, though.

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