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    Unhappy Web Question... I have a site and domain name... no hosting... I dontunderstand...
    Hey everyone....

    Maybe some of you guys could help a fellow die hard mac fan?

    Here we go:

    I have created my site in golive... I have the folder for my site on the desktop....ok?

    Now, I've bought a domain name from

    I dont have hosting yet.

    If I want to get hosting and use that domain name with it.... what to I do?

    I really could do with some help here guys....

    All replies are greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work here in Mac-forums... its the best online mac community I have seen yet.... it helped me make the switch and I havent looked back... My new iMac is on the way as I type this!


    :headphone :dive:

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    you can contact me and hosting can be provided for you...

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    hey man, yeah I would be interested in hosting...

    Stupid question.... I have so much experienve creating sites but I never learned the obvious stuff! Like this.

    Whats the story with the hosting

    chat ya then

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    It's easy. Once you get hosting, you'll be provided with a place you can FTP your files to using GoLive (it has FTP no?)

    This is simply putting all the files you created onto a server, nothing much more to it.

    Also, when you're getting a hosting account, they give you their name server addresses, like this:,,,

    Take the above name servers, log into your GoDaddy account and point the domain name you purchased over to the above name servers.

    Wait 4 - 24 hours...

    Done. Your site will appear when you type in your domain name.

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