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    C n' C my portfolio site please
    Well heres my portfolio site i have made, it dont have alot of content becuase im still learning only a cpl months into school so yea, please C n' C


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    I have no idea what C n C means. I believe it means criticize?

    Well, i like the color scheme. Makes me feel happy...very nice, summer kind of colors.

    The buttons are great. The green goes well with the design/colors. Also...the banner is very well done.

    The problems I can see are:

    - Maybe align the nav buttons with the width of the banner.
    - Possibly create a footer.
    - Border up the entire site?
    - And I dont know about the gradient line splitting up the columns. Could be replaced or removed. Maybe use the gradient effect as a border?

    Overall...great look for a portfolio website... nice theme to it.

    EDIT: The flash effect in your UNDER CONSTRUCTION areas could have some more...flash to it. Maybe fade to something else or another. incorrectly spelled COMMING...which should be COMING

    2ND EDIT: You should make links open a new window. You don't want customers/viewers to be leaving your you?

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    Critique and Comment is what C n C means

    Thanks for all the input. And all my links do go to blank windows that i know of.


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