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Thread: Trying to Build a Webpage with Word for Mac

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    Trying to Build a Webpage with Word for Mac
    Anyone out there please help. I am at uni and we use Text Editor and save as a HTML file and can browse it by open browse etc. This is good until I come home and try and do the same on my Mac. The Text editor only allows me to save as .doc or .rtf file, so I tried using word but when I save and open in Safari all it shows is the html coding.

    Can anyone please help, this has been going on for over a year and I don't know anyone who knows anything about Macs.

    Help is very much appreciated.

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    download SubEthaEdit. it is free for personal use and color codes your coding.

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    Your so kind, thanks for your help, I will do that now.

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    Thanks I did that and it works.

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    The Text editor will allow you to save plain text files too. Select the Format menu item and choose the Make Plain Text option. Now you can save as a .txt file.

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