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    Question converting from a Windows website to OS X
    What is the best way for me to convert my 2+GB Windows website (hundreds of pages involved) to my new Mac? Any help would be appreciated, since at the moment it looks a bit overwhelming. I have looked at Sandvox, but it appears I would have to re-format all the pages - a daunting task.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    What pray tell is a Windows website? Is it just regular HTML or something more Windows specific? Please provide more details about the types of files and we can try to suggest the best possible route..

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    Apr 24, 2013
    converting from a Windows website to OS X
    thanks Raz0rEdge... I developed the site (Introduction) many years ago using Microsoft's FrontPage (then part of the Office suite) and have continued to use FrontPage since then, mainly because I wasn't sure how to effectively upgrade, but now that I have moved to a Mac, I will have to figure something out.

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    If you are talking editing the HTML on the Mac, Front Page puts in a lot of code that was non standard but you can still work with it.

    I have cleaned up many Front Page designed sites and removed a lot of code that was slowing down the sites display on the net! OSX and Macs don't have a proprietary HTML format connected with them

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