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    Dec 19, 2011
    Website that hosts GIFs/images bigger then 10MB?
    Can't find one that will permanently host my GIFs I upload. I thought I had found one- Image Hosting < - 20Mb Free Image Hosting but when i tried to go to one of my photos i uploaded a week or so ago, it was frozen as an image-

    Does anyone know of a website that will permanently host GIFs bigger then 10 or 15 MB? Most of mine are around 16 MB. Or, does anyone know how to make my file size smaller so I can use sites like imgur?

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    Make them videos instead. Hosting them will be much easier and GIFs are notorious for being slow.
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    I would, but I need them in the GIF format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aidan2110 View Post
    I would, but I need them in the GIF format.
    Just out of curiosity why does it need to be in gif format?

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