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    "The Setup encountered an error(-1) during install. Please restart the machine and try again."

    Please. Help me. I am a novice at best and I've been on a long, Google-journey to get this far. I have had to research every step I have taken and it seems every level advanced had a new super boss to defeat. Knowing nothing at all I had to mount an .iso file, download WineBottler, download Firefox to download XQuartz.dmg (a simple task that had me running in circles for a long while with other silly tasks because I was using Safari) only to encounter this simple error at the very end. And now I'm stuck.

    I shall reward successful help.
    I have already restarted THE MACHINE to try again and try again I have.

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    I doubt seriously that you will be able to install the Windows version of Dreamweaver CS5 by using WINE (WineBottler). Since you really didn't explain what it is you're trying to do, I assumed the above.

    If that's what you're trying to do, instead I would try to install it in Windows running as a virtual machine with OS X as the host. VirtualBox from Oracle is free, however, you will still need a legal copy of Windows.

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