Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA is looking for a full time Web Developer. I've pasted the job description below, if interested please send me an email with resume attached to


You enjoy taking ownership of a project, working with customers, and building the application.

You're also the go-to person in your team when others have questions about web development.

You'll be responsible for:

1. Design, development, and deployment of new web applications.
2. Maintenance and improvements to existing web applications.
3. Integration with databases and web services.
4. Continuous learning and assessment of new web technologies.
5. Participating in company-wide initiatives to promote Web Standards and state of the art development.

Required Skills

1. Experience building Object Oriented PHP applications.
2. Strong XSLT Kung Fu.
3. Project experience with building and implementing content management systems.
4. Experience with web services, esp. REST.
5. Project experience with i18n and localization.
7. Experience juggling multiple projects, customers, and deadlines.
8. You not only know what AJAX and AHAH mean, but you have running examples.

Desired Skills

1. Some experience administering and configuring Unix and Apache.
2. Experience developing Dashboard, Konfabulator, or Google Homepage Widgets.