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    animated banner
    I have an animated banner on a website which is a .mov file. I want it to show when viewed on pc's and smartphones so I need to change the file format. Which format should I choose and how do I install it ?

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    There are some free online conversion services available. Google:
    online mov to gif
    Adobe Photoshop:
    How to Make an Animated GIF from a Video in Photoshop CS5

    You can also use Adobe Fireworks & Adobe ImageReady (Info on ImageReady: Adobe ImageReady - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    If you wish to delve deeper in to the file, you may also wish to search for tutorials on how to optimise/optimize the GIFs.

    Contact your webmaster or website developer to replace/update the banner. It should not take 2 minutes.

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    Thanks for your help, I'll look into the options.

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    If the banner is already on a website then you don't really need to change it into a different format or something. It's already hosted and served from a server. Inorder to get it playing on your devices such as PC and smartphones, you need to make sure that the appropriate players are installed on them, so whenever you visit the webpage, you'd easily be able to view the video.
    - Barb from WHUK

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    It might be worth trying an app called HYPE it's a html creator and is possible to make your own banners/pages and any size really, Hype has a preset list ranging from iPhone size screens to 27'' mac screens. It is a little difficult to get your head around the program but like anything else, the more you use it the easier it becomes. I hope this helps you.

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