Hey guys, so I'm a pretty amateur user of iWeb and I'm temporarily using it to design some websites. I'm also not an expert on coding hence the reason I use iWeb. So two problems here, I've recently been asked to add a gallery and Twitter or Facebook feed on a site.

I've noticed that Twitter isnít using an iframe code and it's not displaying when I enter it as an "HTML snippet" in iWeb. They don't seem to have any codes that work with iWeb, Facebook feed codes have the same problem. I know iWeb offers the RSS Feed widget but I'm not sure if that would work with what I'm trying to do, I've also never used it.

I also would like to know if anybody knows the easiest way to display a gallery on iWeb. Preferably cheap or free, I know there are some downloadable widgets. I used to use the MobileMe gallery but I didn't like the layout and they now don't offer that service, nor would I have even wanted to pay for that. Also this site is uploaded to an FTP server rather then through local folders. I've searched tutorials for posting slideshow/galleries and they've had me work with the folders, I'm still not an expert on that either and I don't use that method of upload.

Sorry for the long post but I'd really appreciate the feedback guys, thanks