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    .Mac Membership

    I was wondering if anyone here knows whether or not you get to keep the Virus checker and Backup utility you get with a .Mac membership after the yearly membership expires. I I just purchased an eMac after having been to the dark side for 10 years or so and was considering joining .Mac just to get these programs. The rest of it doesn't look particularily useful to me.

    Thanks for any help in advance,

    PS: My last Mac was an LCII and before that I had a little B&W SE. I still miss that little guy. :rolleyes:

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    well since a virus checker is pretty much useless if you have no interest in any of the other things i would suggest just getting a backup utility or external hd for backing up.

    I am not sure about keeping the programs though since I don't use .mac

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    No, you wouldn't be able to use either without a .Mac membership. Both programs will logon to the net to make sure that you have a valid membership to be able to use them.
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    there are other options though. such as for backups, you can use iShelter and get your own disk space. and as mentioned above, virus checkers are pretty useless for os x

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