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    Question uploading movie
    recently I purchased a hosting service for Portfolio . ( cargocreative) apparently they don't let you upload any video and you have to upload it somewhere else and just place the link.
    I don't want to use Youtube as it is not professional, and the free version of "Cloud" is limited to 25 mb per upload-The videos are 250 mb each and I have 2 of them. I don't want to pay for anymore online service.
    Any suggestion?

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    You can try other video hosting services like Vimeo or what have you. But if your primary purpose for the portfolio account was to display videos and the service you chose doesn't allow that, might be time to go searching for an alternate..

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    You can easily post the videos to YouTube as restricted (only those who know the URL can see them) and then embed the link (ie a player) on your website. It's all very easy.

    I do agree with Raz0rEdge however.

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