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    Professional web designers?
    Hi there, i am posting here because I am in s**t creek!
    We almost had our site complete (new company that weve set up) with our past designer, but unfortunately 3 weeks ago he was killed in an accident

    I am wondering if anyone here (yourself, friends, family, contacts etc) has knowledge in the areas we need.
    For instance, our old web designer was using MySQL, PHP for the backend, then Dreamweaver for design, with an online booking system ran on OS Commerce.
    It was to be a 5 page site with basic templates we could edit.
    Can anyone here help? I would of course be paying full.

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    Im a web developer, PHP / MySQL and know osCommerce very well, although I usually tell clients not to use it due to it's non secure nature and it not being updated since 2001 or so I am not a designer though.. yes I can do many things with design, but taking something from scratch and creating a design.. not my strength. If you are interested please PM me.

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    Im still learning php, but i also design, is my site, if you need any layout or graphic work done, let me know.

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    I could do this for you, I am fully competent in PHP and MySQL, with CMS experience and previous experience in writing a computer system for a previous employer. I am also in the UK.

    I am also very clued up design wise, you can see this at

    I am desperately trying to find some work at present and also in the UK. If you are interested, give me a shout and I'd be happy to fill you in.


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