This is a repost of a topic I started in the development forum, but nobody really seems to have any clues down there, so I thought I'd ask the web experts...
Even if you don't know how I can get the widget done, maybe you know how could I pull this into info into another webpage?

Hi Guys!

Being an absolute scripting n00b myself, I'm not really sure about the best way to tackle a problem I'm having:

My mobile phone carrier has a site where you can check the amount of free minutes/text messages you have remaining.

However - for some reason I have trouble logging in with Safari, so I have to use Camino, which means I very rarely get round to doing it.
My g/f uses the same carrier and doesn't ever check her account, so she's just gone over her minute limit.

The carrier is http://www.eplus.de

I would like to build a widget to automatically check this info for me and display it on my Dashboard... I imagine this shouldn't be toooo hard, since it is basically just logging in to a webpage, grabbing the results and display 2 numbers.

Any ideas/templates I could get started with?
Anyone already have a similar widget that could just be modified?

I know a bit of html, occasionally mess with Applescript, can modify a css sheet and customized a php guestbook once, but that's about the extent of my scripting capabilities.

This wouldn't be that custom either, as the carrier ePlus has many subscribers in Germany and I bet this could be adapted for other carriers as well...

So anyone who can lend a hand?