I have been working with a project for a while now and wonder if i can get some constructive criticism on my web project?

The project is basicly to make myself a better web developer, but if my project can help people get better in CSS then it would be great

i'm Using jQuery, HTML and CSS1-3

So the project is all made by me, every singel code. I don't know if it is a ripoff, but i think there are somthing simmuler out there.

Basicly it is a helper for people who do not know much about CSS.
just select a gradient or border, then it will generate the code for you.

I have some proplems with the gradient system of css3 so this helps a little on that side.
It only works with Webkit for the liveview of the code. but thats is simpel to make with other Browser to
CSS - fast edit

older but same:
CSS - fast edit