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    Question Macromedia Flash Troubles, Help Please...
    Hey there,

    Iím currently making a "new look" personal website using Macromedia Flash 8 and would be very grateful if anyone here could help me with this little snag I have hit.

    Basically, I have designed my site on the basis that you can control a movie within a movie? I don't actually know if this is true but I really hope it is!

    Itís hard for me to explain but I will try:

    Each page I want to have a transition, moving "in to" the viewable space (800X600) from the right. The user can ten navigate to another page which will in turn move in from the right whilst the previous page is exiting to the right.

    I have done this by creating each page in a different movie and in my index/home page I have created an empty movie clip as a page holder and coded the appropriate buttons to load the external movies within the page holder when the user clicks on a button. the problem I am facing is that once a user has navigated to a section (an external movie loaded in the page holder), I cannot get the buttons (which are in a separate movie clip of their own within the main "index" page) to command the separate movie clip/page to exit and allow the user to navigate to a different section of the site.

    Thatís about the nest I can explain with words, I will try and get some pics up to show you and hopefully explain a little better as soon as I can.

    If anyone can understand what I'm wanting and can help I would be most grateful!



    (P.S. apologies for any bad spelling/grammar, Iím full of cold and not feeling too good and am tired as the time here is 00:25 so Iím off to bed! - night all )

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    i'm not sure what you mean. I understand the part of the seperate external movie clips and the "stage" on a main/index page that holds the extenrla movie clips, but where are you keeping your main nav buttons?

    I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, BUT, if you're trying to access thngs on your index page from an external movie, I think you just use _root.

    Sorry, I'm probably just reading it wrong. let me know, i'll try to help,

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    im not sure what u mean either. but make sure that the movies are all in the same folder and the webpage is in a "webpage" folder. i could be wrong but as far as i know it might work.

    try it. gd luck

    chris tm

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    Thanks for the suggestions & sorry for not explaining it clear, its quite hard for me to explain without actually showing you lol. Here's a picture that might help a little:

    So thatís the design for the website, the navigation bar (green) is within a movie clip in the main (index) movie. It is in a movie clip because it is animated, each button moves according to what section you are in.

    The page holder (red bit) is where all the other pages/movies (except the main index page obviously) load.

    Hope this helps with the explanation, i will upload the site so far soon so you can get an idea of how it all works (i cannot upload it at the moment as the university's web server seems to be down, probably for maintenance)


    Chris. :mac:

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