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    Question Favicon and Safari - Display porblem!!!

    Recently added a "favicon" so the little icon would show up next to the URL in the address bar of the browser.

    Well it works...for PC users, it works for me using FireFox but NOT in Safari. (some have told me it shows up in Safari for THEM but not in my browser)

    I have been told to empty the cache, restart the browser, restart the computer and nothing works.

    One idea was to go to user > library > icons and "empty" it. When I went there there are like 15 folders from 00 -15 -- some have a cached ICON some don't.

    Does anybody know what these are? If I delete the ones in the folders am I at risk of screwing something up? Alternatively does anybody know how to determine which cached icon is for this particular URL Icon -- the default icon that Safari uses?

    Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about and a link to my site.
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    Shows up for me, but I know what you mean, I've had this problem before.

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    I fixed it.

    I trashed the icon folder under user > library > icons and now it works fine!

    Thanks for checking for me!

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