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    long shot: php mysql column represent query?
    Here's an example:

    we have two tables, one is called job_categories which has two columns:
    job_category_id (integer, primary key, auto increment)
    job_category_title (title of the job category)

    second table is titled jobs, which is a list of jobs. One of the columns is job_category_id to correspond to the category it belongs in. Say we want to get a query that will list each job category title individually, and then how many jobs exist in the jobs table with that category_id. i.e

    Architecture (3)
    Human Resources (8)
    Information Technology (0)
    Miscellaneous (19)

    Is there any way to do that query without having to do a count query individually on each row returned in some sort of a loop? I don't have any of my SQL books here (I'm at home with the family for Christmas, brought the powerbook with me).

    I know it's a long shot asking here, but if anyone can offer a suggestion or point me to a better forum please let me know!

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    You've probably resolved this by now. I'm not even sure exactly what you want, but...

    select job_categories.job_category_title, jobs.job, count(*) mycount
    from job_categories, jobs
    where job_categories.job_category_id = jobs.job_category_id
    group by job_categories.job_category_title, jobs.job;


    If you could perform a loop through job_categories and use the id to find the jobs and count the result. I think maybe that is what you wanted to do, but I don't know how to do that in PHP.

    Note: The syntax I used above will work in Oracle which I'm very familiar with, but you may need to use AS before mycount.

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