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Thread: iWeb file location

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    iWeb file location
    I use iWeb 3.0.4 as my web design tool. I had two different Sites developed when MobileMe was hosting websites. Currently I have only one of the Sites listed in my current iWeb app, which I update from time to time. I would like to add one or two of the pages that are in the second Site to the one that is listed in iWeb. I downloaded the Sites directory from MobileMe and have all the files in my Downloads directory. Is it possible to 'import' or add them to iWeb so they can be manipulated there? Where are the files listed in iWeb located?

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    Mar 01, 2010
    The answer is that you can't just move the files to a specific location to have them included in another site.
    The only way to get them included in a 'domain ' is through the iWeb application itself.
    This answer comes from the Apple support staff.

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