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    FTP help with FileZilla please
    I use Filezilla all the time to transfer to my website however I am trying to transfer from my flashdrive to my remote site and I cannot seem to locate the flash drive on the local side? What am I doing wrong?

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    Please do not double post. Only post one time and wait awhile before bumping your post. Your duplicate post was removed. Thanks.

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    I believe you might not see flash drive in filezilla, but then also when you open filezilla in the first quatrant ie left first column check in the drop down that u are able to see the flash drive icon or not . if not then check on mac system that u are able to see flash drive icon .

    also check that when u attach flash drive to mac the flash drive light blinks.

    if then also it do not work please help me with the screen shot of the filezilla so taht i can work on it

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    If FileZilla doesn't work with flash drives (I can't imagine why it wouldn't), have you tried simply copying the files to your Mac and then uploading them from there?
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    Better try to transfer to your hard drive than to make lazy.

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    along the same lines (and might end up being helpful to LisaPixieGirl), is it true that Fetch incorporates/works better with Mac OS than filezilla?

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