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    Lost FTP Server Password
    Apparently, for some bizarre reason I did not save my FTP Server password. I have been updating my iweb for months with the password there and all of a sudden today it is blank and asking me for the password. Now I am trying to update my iweb and cannot find or remember what it is. I searched iweb, ihelp, etc. and can't find any solution to retrieving it or making a new one. HELP!!!

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    Only think I can think of would be to check your Keychain, maybe it's still stored there. You can get to the Keychain Access by going to "Applications/Utilities" The app is within the Utilities folder.

    Once you open keychain you'll then just need to scroll through the list of accounts to see if your iWeb FTP info is in there. If you find it, double click on the entree and it'll open a dialogue box. Toward the bottom of that box you can click the checkbox that says "Show password", if you do this, it will then ask you for your computer password, enter it. Your password will then be revealed. You can copy it and place it somewhere else such as 1password or the equivalent.

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    That is not working for me. Do you have any other suggestions? Don't know how I'm going to publish changes in iweb. I've got a huge problem now :-(

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    email your host. They should send you your ftp login to the email they have on file.

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