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    Why does Safari not update dynamic content?
    Hi all, we are new to the forum, and are a small developer working with a client. Thanks for letting us join the group!

    We have a small online app in a popup, that updates some content dynamically.

    The original content are pairs of form fields within div parent containers.

    The dynamic part is as follows: selecting a choice in our first pull down generates a 2nd pull down immediately below the first, with content relevant to the 1st pull down selection.

    In all browsers that we support, except Safari on a Mac,
    the forms fields following these 2 pull downs shift down the page to allow the now taller first row to display.

    We have examined the code using the Safari Developers Tool, and the first div container has actually increased in height as needed, and the second div container has actually shifted down the page.

    But, the fields contained in the 2nd div do not visually shift with their parent.

    If we touch any of the CSS in the Developer's Tool interface, this content immediately does shift to the correct position.

    It seems to us to be a cache issue with Safari, but we can NOT refresh the page. because popup will close entirely - revert to the start state.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem with Safari, or have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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    Tough without knowing any of the ccs or what is firing the content.

    I have run into many problems filling containers with dynamic content and having the div resize on the fly, not just safari at times.

    Perhaps look into jquery solutions to accomplish div resizes based on dynamic content being fired in.

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