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    ACTIONSCRIPT - Fade In/Out
    Hey guys,
    I am design a page & have a quick question on a.s. The page is a portfolio page, so its just going to have a forward & back button and each new image will fade in. My problem is, i dont know how to make it fade out with my button actions.
    My button code is:
    on (release) {

    This would just take me to the fade in & not make the previous image fade out. sorry if it is confusing.

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    that's pretty old school as, are you using as1?

    You're far better off (and way easier) to stack all the images on top of each other, and do it with a simple bit of code.

    I don't know how much as you know, before I suggest the way. I've done very advanced stuff in AS3.

    The idea of using the timeline to do things is reeeeealllly time consuming, and you'll lose some hair over it.

    just a quick note though, if you want everyone to see it, it may be quicker and simpler to use a jquery slider. More time to drink or chase girls after.

    I can write a quick as2 example if you'd understand it, as1 is just wrong.

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