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    creating a feedback forum for my photo website
    I've got an extensive travel website from my global photography work. I meet loads of people and get wonderful emails from these people about myself and my work.
    I thougth this would be a great addition to my site.
    I would like to have another section on my website where viewers can post statements about their favorite images, or their experiences with myself,and so on.
    Can anyone help me with creating one of these. I have a good knowledge of html and dreamweaver; and as with many things on my site; I visit online sites which offer free coding for certain site effects and modify them to suit my website.
    I was hoping to find a free html text writeup on such a forum that I can insert into my page.
    M. Wright
    International Image Source

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    If you have Photoshop CS 2 you can make Feedback enabled Flash Galleries or you can just install some forum software that enables photo uploads/ posting. There are several free forum applications, PHPBB2, SMF, are a couple, if you do a Google search for "forum scripts", you can find many more. Also try for free forum software.
    Your web hosting account may include free forum scripts, most do these days.
    Good Luck,

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