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    Web Design help!
    Hi all,

    I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to webdesign but I tend to learn as I go and have taught myself linux and windows programming so far. I have also managed to develop three fully customised websites which look pretty good I think and so do the people I did them for so I am managing.

    I am actually working on a win7 pc, please don't hate me, I have tried various emulators and browsers but have been unable to recreate the problem one of my friends is complaining about and that is the background scaling down on his webpage when viewed through his ipod.

    I found this website advice among others:

    Background Image Shrinking on iPad | Drew5.NET

    and checked and was surprised to find the code is already present in my css.

    So my question is why does my background not render full screen on iOS products and can someone take me through the solution in baby steps please?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Not sure I understand why you appear to believe you need a special command or CSS to shrink a background image on an ipod or else. Seems to me a webpage (including its background) can be dimensioned by its creator in pixels, in units of length or as a % of the window, or even screen. I do not use background images but believe they can, as any other image, be sized with width as 100% of the container box and height undetermined (hence calculated proportional). As an example, all pages of the site linked from my signature lines below are created to fill the window containing the page. In CSS, it means the container box is dimensioned at 100% of the inside of the window. Never tested it on a ipad or ipod, but it renders as it should (100%) on a blackberry.

    Maybe you should post a link to allow ipod owners to test your site and peek into your code if it is visible.

    The reference you supply says that ipads may have a limitation in pixels for very BIG background images. Should we be surprised ? Would I try to feed a 6000 x 4000 px image into a feeble mobile device ? My reply would be "NO" for simple bandwidth reasons. Hope This Helped a little
    -- Michelangelo
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    Is that page you are having issues with on the Internet? If so, there are enough people here with iPod/iPhone/iPad that can visit and tell you what they see..
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