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Thread: audio-recording and uploading on ios

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    audio-recording and uploading on ios
    Hello all -

    We currently have a java-based purchased package that does voice recording and uploading in a speex codec format.

    In a nutshell, several of our webpages have embedded java-applet audio recorder. People record their voice, play-back, pause, etc. When they are satisfied with their recording, they click "upload" and the speex-file is sent to our server.

    Lately we have been getting a LOT of requests to run our application in the apple world.

    I am thinking having a custom-written app that does something similar, but i am hoping for some better ideas. I would like to stick with having an embedded recorder in a webpage if thats possible.

    (please forgive this windows-oriented mac-newbie for his ignorance)

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    What's the question?

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    if you need an audio recorder i recomend Hijack pro. Its an amazing program that let you choose the source of recording: Quicktime, built-in mic, VLC, Itunes, etc. check it out

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