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    I 'm starting a small business and need a e-commerce web hoster that supports my apple system. All the other e-commerce sites i looked at sent you the web designing software only for the windows system. Some web hosting services don't sen software but have sll that on their site. I would like somthing like that or software that will run on my G3 soon to be G4!

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    Do you already have an ecommerce cart? What about your site needs to be supported by your Mac? Most all sites are cross browser and OS supported.. so help me understand what it is exactly that you are looking for.

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    There are plenty of "on line tools" software around that will work with your Mac. Any web host that provides C-Panel, for example, has a cross platform HTML editor built in. The control panel will usually come with several different Free shopping carts for your E-Commerce project.
    Even though the server itself is usually some brand of linux or windows the control Panel and web tools work fine on any computer including all Macs.

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