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    software available so i can edit pages easily and daily on the website
    Hi I am trying to find some way of having a site with several hundred pages, each of which
    I can edit on a possibly weekly or daily basis fairly easily!.
    Also, I am setting up a site as an online gallery for photos and art work and
    this would have several hundred pages as well.
    Perhaps there is a buyable software, or would I have to get some one to
    build the software?
    I was thinking I might be able to have loads of internal links on a home page by
    setting up categories which you click on and they go to a page which has further
    categories and break down the geography of the site in that way so there are not too
    many links on the home page. I am concerned that having several hundred pages linked
    internally may not work very well in the long run or be very efficient!
    Your'e bright ideas and comments would be very welcome and appreciated.

    Cheers wifi

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    This was asked and answered on your other thread. Don't multi-post, thanks.

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