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    Online e-Book Creation
    Just wondering...How was this e-Book created? See web link below and click on the book image.

    Macformat 238 Sampler

    I am more interested in the interface, the turning page effect and the thumbnails that appears at the bottom of the pages. I am assuming it was intially created with a page layout program like InDesign.

    I have also seen other designers create this type of on-line eBook with the same or very similar interface. And are there any decent on-line tutorials on this?


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    This is the standard Issuu interface. Just upload your PDF and it gets converted into this Flash, page-turn format.

    Calameo has a good one too but they are more proactive in getting their interface to work on things like iPads (HTML5 instead of Flash)

    With either Calameo or Issuu, you set up an account, upload your documents then host them on your own site in an iFrame.


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    Just wondering....Is it possible to create a similar interface using HTML 5 instead of Flash?

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    Please re-read MacGrunt's post. It answers the question you have.

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