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    need help with server (DocumentRoot being loaded instead of expected page)
    I recently got a domain name from NameCheap and I'm not so sure this has anything to do with them, as I am hosting the website myself and I am taking advantage of their DDNS support. However, I was hoping that somebody could test the following address.

    I would like to know if you guys get a page that looks like it does below. I tried the address on my phone, which I disconnected from Wifi temporarily, and in Google Reader. Both produced the results I wanted. However, when I had somebody else try, they got the DocumentRoot that is specified in Apache and Google+ gets the same thing. My server is running Snow Leopard server (updated to 10.6.8) with user directories enabled. I was using before, and with exception of installing ddclient and setting up its config file (could not get inadyn to work with NameCheap), there have not been any changes to the server, even in the Apache configuration.

    Any ideas on how to fix this, outside changing DocumentRoot, or is changing the DocumentRoot the only way?

    Update: I have not found a fix yet, but a workaround I did find was adding the "www" subdomain, which should be unnecessary in these days. I would still like some help, but I think I may check with Namecheap.

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    I found my problem. I needed to set "www" as a CNAME in namecheap's records.

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