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    Web Storage.
    I need some help finding free web storage. I would like it to have at least 1GB of storage that I can load files onto and embed in websites from. It also needs to be free (thats the biggest factor). Loading onto my Gmail account works fine for storing files but you cant access the files from the web with out downloading the file. .Mac is not an option either (I had it free with my computer for a year but it is running out and I don't really want to renew it). What web storage is out there?


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    Nothing is free. Everyone has to pay for the bandwidth used when files are uploaded ,viewed, or downloaded. One way or another everyone has to pay for webspace, either directly or indirectly, indirectly meaning ad's, limitations, etc...
    The good news however, is that web space is really really cheap.
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    I don't know of any free services and I doubt there are any decent ones. has a 5GB hosting plan with 250GB transfer for $4 a month. Thats pretty cheap, just think, some people pay that much every day for a cup of coffee and you get a whole month of web hosting for that much.

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