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    Print background, need help with simple coding Web page
    Hi, if I'm in the wrong place please forgive - I do elsewher if pointed to it

    Been in print design on mac for years. Now Ive gotta learn more, I've got CS5 Master with everything I'm learning..

    How can I create code that I can give to a client to put on a webpage that will show the banner I made and keep track of clicks from that banner location.

    I have learned some about a mailto script that could simply email a message to an address when a click is generated from that site. I've seen it I just dn't know how to do it. Am I outta luck not knowing code yet? or is there a sort of easy way for now?
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    One of the great things about HTML is that there's always a "cheat" (borrowing the code from another site and changing the pointers to your own file often works), but without understanding how to customise the code to your needs it may not work.

    I suppose you could put a simple hit counter on the target page the banner points to for example (plenty of hit counter code snippets on the web), but for something more specific you should probably have a chat with someone who knows coding. This could be an excellent project to help you learn the "logic."

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    I would suggest trying out a third-party tracker. Google that or you can start here: third party click counter - Google Search

    There are some decent options out there that are free, but you obviously get what you pay for. So if you can afford it, I would explore some paid options as well.

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