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    I have something I want to sell on my website and I set up everything with paypal, like the by now button etc... But I only have a quantity of 50 items, so how do I make it so that when I sell 50 items a sold out button appears so I dont accidentally have paypal start charging people when i get over 50 orders? I dont know really any kind of coding except a little bit of html...

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    First of all consult PayPal.

    Secondly - for real eCommerce solutions you will ideally need to learn PHP and use MySQL to create a simple stock control system. PHP may take a while to learn but it's pretty easy (says she...).

    That way you can have a database table like this:

    00090 3 PowerBook G4/SD 12in 1099.99
    00091 10 Airport Extreme Base Stn 89.01


    And then for your shop you can generate the store from that and also work out the stock levels and so forth with relatively few queries.

    This may have gone over your head, but for now your best bet will be PayPal having some stock control mechanism, failing that, I'd strong suggest you get a book on learning PHP and MySQL - it'll change the way you develop for the web.

    I realise this is a longer-term comiitment but it will truly broaden your skills, horizons and the things you can do with your websites, all for free (bar maybe a book to learn from, which I recommend)

    That book I recommend, have it right here now. I learnt PHP from the websites mostly because I was already very conversant in C which PHP has clear parallels with, but a beginner may appreciate a book, even as an advanced programmer I consider books useful additions.

    You'd not have to learn much realistically (just some basic database querying) and you'd be away. Saves you forking out for a huge amount on a stock control system that has been ready made

    First check Paypal though, second PHP and MySQL - learn it and develop with it. Failing that - make sure you always have stock :flower:


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    OR, you could get OS Commerce shopping cart. It is free Open source software that may be a bit easier to deal with than learning PHP and SQL. Scratch that, actually a lot easier than learning PHP and SQL.
    Also, it plugs in to PayPal so it can handle your inventory control, shipping taxes, languages, etc.
    Good Luck,

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    Good call, I didn't know about that one :flower:

    That said even though I didn't find PHP and SQL difficult to grasp, I can appreciate that doesn't nearly apply to everyone; so it's good you found a more suitable solution.


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