Having a nightmare of a time trying to get these social media buttons on my website operate correctly. Below the trailer are suppose to be a facebook like button and a twitter tweet button. I need them to take clickers to my movie page on facebook and my twitter page. I had both buttons on my website, but now the facebook button come up as a click and drag bar and the twitter button is somewhere below the facebook bar - can't see it. This is below the trailer.

Near the bottom of the page there's another line of facebook, twitter, etc. The problem with facebook here is that when you click on it, it gives the wrong link. It gives: http://www.therealonenationundergod....widget3_markup....

when it's suppose to be http://www.therealonenationundergod.com. How do I correct this?

The last button on the right here, the share button - '+' when clicked does not show the drop down menu of social bookmarking sites to share with thus it's not functional.

Anyone's help is deeply appreciated.