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    Putting You Tube Video over JPEG Graphic

    While in Iweb i easily put my you tube video over my graphic, but upon publishing the site and uploading it to my hosting (Blue Host) the graphic under the video moves below the you tube video as well as other text and a star shape i had next to the video.

    Your help is appreciated as I need to get this done.


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    I dont necessarily think that you can do that. Youtube in itself contains an embed code that probably doesnt allow you to add a custom image over it when you publish it online. If you understand HTML, you'll know it doesn't make sense

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    You Can Put youtube or any Video Over Graphic in Iweb
    You just have to make sure the footer is adjusted to the bottom of the graphic or make sure you stretch the graphic to the bottom of the footer. The adjustment is in inspector - 'page' (first icon on left) - click on 'layout' - adjust the footer.

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