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    Question Web-based Wiki software for Mac?
    Hi, all! Using Lion on one box and Snow Leopard on the other...

    I'm looking for some good web-based Wiki software to use on one of the Mac's at home. I've set up plenty of web servers on PC, so it shouldn't be a big deal on Mac, but I don't want to spend hours tweaking config files. Any suggestions for a good Wiki for one? Looking for something full featured and not scaled down or cludge-y...


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    I've used PmWiki before which isn't bad and has the benefit of using flat files instead of a SQL database. That will save you from setting up a SQL database which, in my opinion, is always the most tedious part. It's also PHP based which is nice since getting PHP up and running on a Mac involves changing only a few lines in your Apache config file.

    As for "full featured", I'll leave that up to you but it's fairly comprehensive. You can get password protection and you get a decent markup language for wiki entries.
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    If you use something like MAMP to install Apache, PHP and MySQL on your machine then you can use ANY Wiki software that requires PHP & MySQL (virtually all of the big ones out there).

    There is nothing about these Wiki software that makes then Mac or PC-specific..

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    Thanks for replying, guys... Well, I've enabled Apache and installed both PHP and MySQL so far; both appear to be running without errors. I'll d/l PmWiki first to see if it's going to work for me, then probably MediaWiki (assuming both are open/freeware).

    Thanks again for your input, and if you have any further thoughts and notes I would appreciate it!

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