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    Question Web Site Creation
    Hello all,
    At school we bought a clip art collection consisting of 50,000 images. We would like to make this browsable via a web page. All images are in .eps format. I can convert them to jpegs, but when we download the image, it has to be in .eps format. Web Browsers do not support .eps so is there any way i can convert all the pictures to jpegs, put them in to lets say Dreamweaver, how do i keep a link to the original .eps file? does this make sense?

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    I don't know how to go about batch converting the images, but what you want to do can easily be done.

    The links will look something like this maybe:
    <a href="someimage.eps"><img src="someimage.jpg"> <br> Some Image</a>

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    You can use Photoshop to do a batch conversion. You just need to have an action that does the conversion, then set it to a batch action.

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    QuickImage CM is what I use, its free.

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    You could convert them all to .jpg, then on the webpage, underneath each thumbnail have a download link to the .eps file

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    just dont put all the images on a single page though!

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    You can try Photoshop's batch action to convert them..and also try the Image gallery wizard to make a quick image gallery.

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