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    Instead of Flash?
    Just bought new web templates Flash-based and now Flash is going away? Does it make a difference that it is Dynamic Flash? I muddle through these things but what is the animation program that people are using that will work on phones and pads?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Flash isn't going away on the desktop and it was never available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) so there is no difference. If you want your page to work across all platforms, you need to stick with scripting or server side stuff (in other words, anything but Flash or Silverlight).

    If you need animations for the web, you can look into Adobe Edge (it's preview quality right now - no idea when it will officially launch) or Hype. Otherwise, look at HTML5 templates.
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    Thanks Van,

    I just downloaded the trial version of Edge, so your post confirmed that at least I was going in the right direction...


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    Yep Flash is jumping ship for mobile devices, it's looking like HTML5 will be taking over. Found this article:

    Adobe Halting Development on Mobile Version of Flash Plug-In - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
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    You're better off using Javascript for animations (I mean unless you're doing cartoons or something like that). There's also JQuery which is easier than writing your own apps. Flash is not very SEO-friendly either (although I've heard people argue that it can be).

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    well, flash -can- be seo friendly, but there's darn few that know how to properly implement good practices for that.

    Truthfully, unless there's a really good reason to use flash, don't. That's my rule of thumb, and I've developed some pretty intensive flash work for big companies.

    Depends on what you're trying to do, as mentioned, jQuery is my choice for doing animations I need in general, often it will do all of the cool things I used flash for on a simpler level, and less hassle on supporting mobile.

    Though supporting mobile also really, can be another can of worms when it comes to screen sizes etc.

    edit, used darn instead of the other other one, didn't realize that was a bad word.

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