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    Does OSX Apache contain the standard modules?
    I have a book about the Linux version of Apache, and I was wondering if the OSX Websharing version contains the same standard modules. I know that they come standard installed with the Linux version, but I dont know about the Websharing version. The module that I would like to know about is the autoindex module. I would like to use it to make a listing of the files that are in a certain place. Also, is there also a http.config file that works like the linux version?

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    I am 99.9% sure that auto index is installed and activated. You can check easily though by viewing the http.config..which answers your second question.
    A couple of things though, first in order to open that file you will need to be logged in as root and you have to have an app that will open hidden files (I use BB Edit, or you can open it via terminal.
    You should be able to Google the answers to the path location of the file. Don't edit it though unless you are SURE of what you or doing or you may disable your server.
    Good luck.

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