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    Only ever used iweb need something new dont want to be pushed to brink of insanity
    Ive only ever used iweb and godaddy...cringe!!
    I need to purchase something but cannot make up my mind.
    I need a website with approx 20 pages at the most...need to be able to update/add pics, videos when necessary ( maybe every 6 months or so?)

    iweb was easy to navigate but I want a more professional design where i can manage it.

    Also just help when i need it.

    I have read a million reviews and it seems my choices are:


    Any others? What do you prefer?


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    I'd go for Rapidweaver. Especially if you don't really know coding.

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    If you don't know coding, I second the recommendation for Rapidweaver (or Freeway, either one really).

    If you do know coding or want to learn it, then I'd suggest Flux or Dreamweaver.

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