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Thread: Switching Mac's for my website

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Switching Mac's for my website
    I'm running my website on iWeb, hosted by 2cows. Everything is going along swimimgly. I've been running it on a very old power Mac, I'd now like connect and maintin the site from the new MacBook pro. I've installed iWeb. I have all my connection settings. Is it just a matter of logging in saving files from the server to the PowerMac?

    I don't want to take the site down by mistake.

    Thanks in advance from Dan in Dallaa, who knows enough to be dangerous!

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    You need to locate the "domain2" file in your user library on the old machine, put it on a thumb drive or some such, move it over to the new machine and place it in the same spot on the new machine (replacing any existing domain2 file, so be aware of that).

    Then iWeb will pick up with your sites just as if you had been doing them on the new machine all along.

    The Domain file is usually located here:
    Users/(you)/Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain

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    Aug 14, 2011
    close but not quite...
    So I found the domain file. Moved it over over to the new mac, on lion. The file will open iWeb but not my site. I can see the domain file is correct, all the expected items are there, just can't see it in iWeb.

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    Don't double-click on the Domain file, just move it into the same location on the new Mac as it was on the old Mac, replacing any Domain file that might already be there. Then open iWeb as normal.

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