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    centred, with hidden scroll bars
    one last question for now...

    This website

    Has something I really want, but I can't work it out (I've tried, I've searched, I've studied, but no luck). It shows the center of the page, but has no scroll bars even though there is more image either side.

    I tried making my page 1400 pixels wide with the content in the middle (just to make images flow better and look nicer on larger monitors), and I took out the horizontal scroll bars.
    it loaded the page completely on the left, which with no scroll bars was pretty annoying because half the content was cut.


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    I assume you're talking about the background image?

    You need to use CSS to define it's postion:

    background-image: url('background-image-jpg');
    background-repeat: repeat-y;
    background-position: center top;
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