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    Question Moving Domains to new hosts
    Hey folks,

    Looking for some advice here.

    I am moving my websites which are currently hosted with a company called and this is based in Germany (I am in the UK hence the domain)

    I have bought new hosting with in USA and the new WordPress based website is being built on a temp URL and it is about 90% complete.

    What I want to know is i will be pointing my DNS to, but cannot yet accept domain names to their registrar, therefore will i need to keep a hosting account then with ???

    Does that make sense ???

    Thanks in advance. DNS and domain name pointing is alien to me as I have never moved before. I need to move 23 domain names.

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    With any domain there are 2 things you need to know..a Registar and Hoster (hosting service). In *most* cases the registrar and hoster is one and the same..however, many people who have/want multiple domains will usually have a registrar and multiple hosters to manage various sites and will frequently most to different hosting packages based on prices/features and what not..

    Either way..1and1 is currently your registrar and hoster..if you move to Bluehost, that's the hosting your welcome email you shouldn't gotten information about what DNS' they use. In your 1and1 domain control section, you would modify the DNS information for your domains and instead of pointing them to the 1and1 DNS, you'd point them to the Bluehost DNS..

    Now, the line about "but cannot yet accept domain names to their registrar" might be OK as long as you keep your 1and1 account as the registrar and have Bluehost's DNS' resolve your domain names to the appropriate IP addresses..

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    Moved to correct forum. Does not belong in the "Lounge". Please take the time to read our forum descriptions and Sticky notices before posting. Thanks.

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    as Raz0rEdge said, yes, you need to keep your 1and1 account and point your domain to the bluehost server if bluehost can't handle the domain.

    If you have more than one domain I'd recommend getting a "stand-alone" dns provider to avoid the hassle of moving domains when switching hoster.

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